Oh yeah, here's some mo shuggah,...from the Chiefs D-coor,...was asked this

Q: When calling a deep throw, does the added bonus of possibly drawing a penalty factor into it?*

“For sure. Absolutely. I definitely agree with you in the fact that you do see a lot of teams try that. For instance, a few weeks ago versus Denver, [Oakland] had a few calls where a bunch of pass interferences went on against them in Oakland. It’s out there and we’re aware of that.” -Bob Sutton

Just great, already talkin' penalties before the game. Interesting it came from the Chiefs D-coor. "we're aware of that" is a plea to the officials to allow the Chiefs DBs to tug, pull, hand fight and pass interfere. The guy questioning Sutton(Chiefs.com), led him into this answer on purpose. Sutton could've answered the question differently but went down the road of wahhhh wahhhh wahhhh. It's like,..."we know we can't cover their receivers unless we can break the rules" type crap. mmmm mmm mm Lost some respect for the Chiefs but then, they must be desperate, which they are and they must honestly fear the Falcons in tomorrow's game,...good.

The spread has swolled up to 5.5

Everyone is predicting a basketball game,...I dunno. If the Falcons defense shows up it'll be low scoring but if the Falcons get behind early they'll be forced to unleash the offense and that would make it a shootout. People are underestimating the Falcons offense,...good. Well,...most people, not the Chiefs D-coor whining about calls before the game,...amazing.

We'll see if he gave his paycheck to pay a bonus.