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    With a Falcons win Matt Ryan will have helmed 80 victories, THENFLnetwork their criteria for a QB to be honored as a Hall Of Famer requires 100 wins,...the idiots were talking 'bout Eli and Rothlishburger's matchup. I'll wonder when Ryan gets to 100 if he'll be talked of as a HOFamer. Point being, the media is Hell bent to avoid mentioning Ryan as a possible MVP candidtate this season when he has all the stats and more important the 7 wins, given the brutal schedule to start the season. But noooo,'s Tom Brady and it makes great sense granting a convicted cheater the MVP award cause his stats were restricted by the suspension.pffft But what I'm getting at is the lack of *attention* and the lack of NFL marketing of one the finest QB in the NFL. It's curiously, curious. Add the fact Julio Jones isn't being,...marketed like other big time WRs and hey ya'll,...everyone ain't idiots. We see ya'll's bias and it's curious as to why. Maybe ya'll could spill guts for a change and admit you hate. I still ask,...what in Hell has the Falcons done to your team other than lose to ya?

    Here's the latest hate, spoiler alert says Chiefs 30-24 *Ryan with 2 ints.

    Spoiler alert is by Dave Dameshek, one of the biggest Falcons/Matt Ryan*haters alive. Before the season he predicted the Falcons would be 5-11 and Matty would be the worst QB in the NFC south.

    Well,...the 2016 worst QB in the NFC South was the NFL MVP last season. This guy actually is paid money,...Dave. ahem, anyway,...It took little ben and Eli lots of years to helm over 100 wins in they careers. They deserve the bright lights Sunday.

    I could and should go into, bastards in the media ignore greatness when it ain't yo boy type shit.

    Have u idiots not seen the pinpoint passes? Have you embiciles not seen the stats? All I can figure is that this boy from Pennsylvania messsed up and plays for the,...lowly falcons.

    I'm sorry but it's like,'s too late for any respect garnered for the espens, the nflns, and it was funny,...I don't watch it but my buddy said all the news was about a back surgeryLol.

    You're messing up NFL,...a guy, a guy who has a box to stand on said today(I read it), "the NFL is at it's best when the Patriots are winning games,..."

    hmmmm,...what about the Jags, Texans, Titans, Falcons, Panthers, Saints...looks like it's on the Falcons shoulders this year.

    Oh yeah,...the point spread went from 4 to 4.5, it's 5? Just a perspective is all. It'll come down to this,...

    Oh yeah,'s some sugar,...additional,...the spread has jumped to 5.5,...
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