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Thread: Chiefs fans,...good luck, this is for you

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    Chiefs fans,...good luck, this is for you

    Chiefs fans, it's tough losing defensive players, as ya'll know. The Falcons D isn't what ya'd call a deep, talented and seasoned bunch. As ya'll know by now there's usually 3 rookies on the field with two second year guys and two 3rd year guys. One of those rookies is an undrafted free agent and he's the nickel back. But losing the starting shut down CB and three D-lineman,...oh my. Ya'll caught the Falcons D limping some.

    Lawd have mercy,...if it weren't for Kyle Shanahan and Matty Ice there's no way the Falcons has 7 wins at this point anyway. Speaking of Shanny JR?,...well, now peoples is talkin' 'bout him gettin' hired as a head coach after this season. And at this time last year lots of peoples were wanting Shanny JR fired. Before coming to Atlanta he was berated by Browns and Redskins fans because they're losers. Some Falcons fans were talking 'bout sittin' Matty down on the bench last season, look see? Success indeed breeds, well it shuts the mouths of knee jerk types.

    I just wanna warn you guys at THE site and the few who read my posts in this here Superbirds Of The South forum,...and all ya'll are welcome to post at nflfans now. Things changed for the better. BUT! I wanna warn you Falcons homies,...the Falcons have not faced a defense like the Chiefs this season. Bob Sutton is they D-coor. This guy worked under Rex Ryan in New Jersey(Jets). So ya know what kinda Chiefs defense to expect. And we also can expect the Falcons playing their deep "Cover 3" horse crap, especially early in the game. I've never seen a defense play such deep zones, to the point of giving up lots of yards on short passes and long drives in the thinking don't let 'em get behind you mentality. So ya'll Chiefs fans juuuuust might get yo fast start Sunday. Oh yeah, I read your posts.;)

    The game Sunday will come down to,...sorry to be so predictable,...turnovers.

    btw,'s a pleasure sharing a Falcons flavour with you Chiefs fans,...a chance to learn about each other's teams.hahaha it was fun to show ya'll what the media won't report about the Falcons and fun to learn more 'bout those Chefs.:p What I learned worries me. See ya'll are one of those "small market" teams and all we get from the espens and networks are the usual teams.

    Quickie info: Reid in 2004 with the Eagles challenged calls 10 times and won 8 of 'em! In 2011 at Philly he challenged calls 14 times! He won 10 of 'em. As a Chiefs HC he's challenged calls 22 times in 3 and a half seasons and has won 13 times.

    Peter Morelli nfl head official called the game in Denver last week.

    After Sunday's game in Atlanta the Falcons will see the last of the AFC West for 4 years unless it's a Super Bowl matchup. It has been so much fun to play a division we rarely see.

    hahaha we know Houston will play.

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    That's another great game preview yet to have a response, so I take up the mantle of Chief Fan. Woe is me, the reference site had the Falcons #1 in scoring and #3 in Pass offense. Glee takes over when I see their pass D, at #32. Will this not argue for a high-scoring passing game? Well, the highly drafted Alex Smith always looks good on the field, but his passer rating has yet to break 90 this season. Isn't there a better way to enter into a high-scoring passing game?

    Ok back to Falcon fandom, I guess...

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