Blidi Wreh-Wilson CB(projected dime CB/STs) Trevor Robinson C(projected backup for depth)

Poor boys,...left teams in small markets and stepped into another one.

Blidi Wreh-Wilson is 26 yrs old, played in 10 games, started 3 games for the Titans last season. 6'1" and 195 lbs. Fastest 40 time was 4.38, so he can still bake. Oh sorry,...for you Bucs fans "bake" means he's fast. In three seasons with the Titans he's started 14 games, has one INT and one fumble forced,...but he has career 74 tackles and 14 assists, 14 passes defended when he was able to get in the game the last three years in Knoxville.

I'm no expert and Wilson played at UCONN so no wonder I don't know who he is. He played against the Falcons last season and had three tackles and he was scouted, known to the Falcons staff(inside). He may have found the perfect fit with the Falcons. Speed, will tackle, speed, will support the run defense,...speed. Raw speed. Just what Quinn desires.

Okay, think about this. He's going from one defensive philosophy to another and remember Blidi was drafted the year before Marriotter. There are players that don't fit in some schemes and better in others(for example some cornerbacks perform better in zone than in man cover and vice versa). As basic and simple is Dan Quinn's defense my gosh, this guy may suit up Sunday.

And one more thing. This is the time of season when guys get hurt and you're forced to sign those "off the streets" types. Blidi was released by the Titans and the Falcons snatched him up after losing Trufant for the year. This is nice, see the Falcons making moves like this. The best NFL franchises realizes they gotta keep up with the players released, not drafted sacking groceries. That is, if they wanna be able compete for 19 games.

The other signing made me chuckle. No one knows the Falcons last Sunday moved an O-guard to,...hahaha,...DEFENSIVE TACKLE! hahaha it was funny. He was actually disruptive if anything else in the win over the Cards. So the Falcons also signed C Trevor Robinson.