Ike Reese LB


Well, was gonna bring up some good ole times when Andy Reid was head crotch/GM in Philly some ten years ago. Nah,...he is what he is and that's all that needs said.

Andrew Reid is like many NFL head coaches,...of the offensive minded types. Reid has roots, as does Kyle Shanahan, that go deep waaaaay back to the Niners' Bill Walsh. As I've been saying, the west coast offense has varieties mainly O-line run blocking scheme. The Broncos Kubiak and the Reid version of the WCO are a straight up slant/zone blocking scheme reintroduced by O-line guru Alex Gibbs. It's an old way to run block, helping O-lines that aren't very, ummmm, athletic. And it works! But the pure version of Bill Walsh's WCO has guards and tackles pulling to run block creating more options in play calling. The Falcons have been running trap plays,...the famous "counter" plays and I really love to see O-linemen do more than try to push a defender in his zone one way or the other,...it takes an offensive mind to handle the options of blocking available,...practice them, execute them making sure everyone's on the proverbial same page.

Andrew Reid has always allowed his players mucho leeway 'bout certain things. Like Riverboat Ron Rivera allowing Panthers players carrying baseball bats during warmups,...silly stuff. Reid had a similar QB in Philly than do the Panthers have now. But it's not about Reid's QBs,...it's about his defenses. In this instance Reid follows Bill Walsh's philosophy to a tee. And that'd be fielding a nasty arse defense, period. Ya'll remember a guy named Ronnie Lott? Ya'll recall the great 49ers D-linemen? There's too many HOFamers to list. And they weren't very nice peeps come Sunday. Same deal with Reid with his thugs in Philly and now?,...I'm tellin' ya'll the Chiefs defense is not a "nice" bunch of fellows. And they have the talent to back it allllllllll up.

Andrew Reid said yesterday he don't mind no ugly win,...well duh. His teams since the iggles days were all ugly but, he won lots of games and still is.

The Chiefs have 3,...THREE of the best defenders in the league. Research it up. But they have a weakness, a glaring weakness in they secondary. The Broncos Kubiak WCO exposed that if anyone noticed. This is a fascinating matchup,...and it's with the Chiefs!