Every game's magnitude grows this time of season. In the Falcons case the Chiefs are fighting for a wildcard and maybe a division title at 8-3. The Falcons seem to have this little chiuah chiuah(Bucs), knipping at their ankles. The Bucs are 6-5 ya'll, Falcons 7-4. There won't be a wildcard playoff team appear from the NFC South, a fact. So if the Falcons wanna play postseason they best win Sunday and the division.

The Chiefs division is crazy. It's soooooooooooo nice to see the Raiders playing good football. I know Broncos, Chiefs, Chargers fans despise the evil empire but ya'll c'mon,...this team has suffered enough ya think? And they fans remained loyal, give them that at least. Raiders are 9-2 and the Broncos be nippin' at the Chiefs' heels at 7-4. So the Chiefs MUST win Sunday in Atlanta.

Again the Falcons will face another stellar defense,...and a very physical bunch of, ahem, players who can take things to another level might I say. If you thought the Cardinals defense was,...physical, you ain't seen nuthin' yet boy.

And then there's Andy Reid,...hahaha Jets fans talk about Bill Belicheat?,...Belichick cannot TOUCH Reid. Illegal pick plays, O-linemen 15 yards down the field as the pass is delivered, I swear this guy gets away with it, always has, knows how to disguise it, how to work the refs before the game telling them to watch the other team doing it while his team does it and doesn't get called. Cheater. And there's more about his iggles days. I may post more 'bout those days and make more enemies.::shrug::

The next 3 weeks the Falcons face West Coast opponents, well not KC but still in that division. After the Falcons lose to the Chiefs they travel to LOS ANGELES! Oh man,...talk about bringing back childhood memories,...can ya hear the music? And then the Falcons host the San Francisco Che Guevaras. Just to finish it,...then the Falcons end the season at Charlotte and hosting the voo-doo Saints.

Back to the Bucs,...after beating the Falcons convincingly in week#1 the Bucs went to Arizona in week #2 and got blowed out, was it 40-7? The Bucs play at San Diego next week, so a loss by both teams could raise the old media mantra,...the NFC South is mediocre. I expect it but,...how 'bout them Tennessee Titans beating DUH BARS! hahaha ohhh it's quiet in areas when they team is winning is so loud. Ya always, always learn which fans aren't them thar fair weather types. Crap it's amost like marriage,...for better, worse, etc. scary,...and believe me, Jets, Cards, Panthers forums are just, scary.

Let's see,...took 20 minutes to type this up. All for ya'll @ THESITE hahaha and nflfans.com. Two places where freedom still rings,...ewww that was corny right?