Here ya go Falcons fans. It's now 7-4 with an impressive win against a team with a bad butt defense and a fine offense, good coaches. Guess who comes to dinner next Sunday? I'm watching them right now playing in Denver, late 4th qtr.

Well,...before the Eagles game I told ya'll they have a good team, a good defense and run game. Then I said the Cardinals defense is an ugly bunch, and they are tough. Today the Cardinals faced an offense with no weaknesses. And too when ya make a bad snap like the Cards did which costs points. And when ya hold on every play and expect to get away with it the whole game, knowing every move ya make during a game is analyzed IMMEDIATELY! Ya'll have no idea the extent of camera work during an NFL game, lots of which is a live feed to officials in,...New York City. Imagine something like all those screens in the Matrix movie,...same thing. NFL Redzone on steroids, ahem, Goodell. Sorry, I digress as the Chiefs, the next Falcons opponent are in overtime at Denver.

So here ya'll are, you lowly Atlanta Falcons with 7 wins, 5 games left. The last two games, in Philly and today's game with the Cards won't be like what the KC Chiefs will bring to the dome in a week. Maybe some of you might recall who's the Chiefs head coach. I will address this later,...Andy Reid returns to Atlanta next week. I'm already grinding my teeth thinking 'bout it. Andy Reid allowed stuff go on while the HC/GM of the iggles that really wasn't right. I could tell ya'll stories,...needless to say I am no fan of Andy Reid. Let's just say the Andy Reid's iggles and the Andy Reid Chiefs had and have defenses who can be very,...well ya know.

Vegas already has the Falcons 4 point faves over the Chiefs. Same spread with the Cardinals last week. Enjoy the apparent Falcons blowout today. It weren't no blowout and w/o a masterful performance from Matty Ice, no way the Falcons win today.

btw,...there's some kind of pirate nipping at the Falcons heels,...and they are close.