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Thread: Are you old enough to remember?

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    Are you old enough to remember?

    Back in the early eighties there was a show called NFL Football Follies, showing various plays, players and situations, followed by other attempts at "growing the game". Please keep in mind that now the Ref's are unionized recently, and the officiating sucks, every game I watched turkey day, the ref's sucked.

    Back to the point, on one of the shows there was a segment about the ref's and how they prepared , they get together and go over game film to see which players are pushing the limits or uses certain tendencies from players on both teams. It seems queer that instead of officiating objectively they meet and plot? there is no reason to watch films of either team. PERIOD

    Historically a top ranked teams get favored calls IMO, all teams from the north east get the benefit of the doubt about all the time at home, my only reason for bringing it up, is even the announcers are starting to flat out say they make bad calls or I didn't see that when there are these bogus calls while defenders are being tackled and backs run right by them and no ref calls holding!
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