Checking Cardinals fans sites something has come up that's a little interesting.

The Cards are reeling and Sunday's game in Atlanta is huge if they wanna make the playoffs. But I've noticed several posters questioning the "feel good locker room/brotherhood" stuff in the Arizona camp. For instance,...Bruce Arians addressing the situation regarding the rookie DT, 6'4" 296 Robert Nkemdiche, the 29th overall pick last Spring.

When asked about Nkemdiche's status,...having only 1 tackle this year, Arians pretty much said the boy is non-sequitur, a rotten apple.

This is the starter below, Calais Campbell all 6'8" and 300lbs., a solid NFL D-lineman.

But there's been questions from Cards fans about the unity of their team. Unfortunately I don't have time to watch the Cards much and it takes time to study, analyze the heartbeat of fans. And when I read several posts and folks suggest a lack of cohesion, it's telling. So ya look for reasons as to why this is perceived. Lack of player leadership(the QB especially), perhaps the coaching staff,...or perhaps the ways of the head coach,...I dunno much about the inner workings of the Cards.

Under Arians the Cards have enjoyed 3 straight winning seasons. Arians is an offensive type-minded coach with a run based philosophy. I just don't know if his plan has worn thin with players,...perhaps his methods. Well, I can assure all you Cards fans something fer sher dudes. Ya'll will learn a whole lot 'bout yo Cardinals in Atlanta Sunday.