Turkey, turkey, TURKEYS! You turkey Falcons fans should be verrrrrry grateful this Thanksgiving.

Be thankful come Thanksgiving the Falcons have a winning record. There's been many, many seasons that by this time the season is over and we're talking 'bout next Spring's draft. That's really the most important thing to be thankful. The Crows were 6-4 last season too but as we know this ain't the 2015 version of the Falcons(we hope), which finished the season 2-4.

Be thankful Falcons players are a bunch of good guys. I would include the coaches, and honestly overall the coaches are all class. I have a problem with the D-line coach but I don't hire/fire. Lots has been said 'bout the way the Falcons players have bonded as a team especially after signing established veterans on offense and defense which brings both sides of the ball together. Add a BUNCH of rookies thrown in the fire as starters and it's just gonna prove to be extremely beneficial when those boys gain NFL experience. happy happy joy joy.

Thank you thank you for this year's schedule. It has been a wunnerful Sep, Oct and Nov. Playing all those games out West was fun! Add the Falcons won in Denver and Oakland and it got a whole lot mo fun. And we have one mo trip to California to face the uprooted Rams. Not to poke and jab at a division opponent but they must stay out West for 2 weeks in December just like the Falcons had to do earlier this season. Apparently it exhausted the Falcons which I don't unnerstand but we'll see how our division opponent fares having to do all that traveling late in the season. That should be fun to watch,...especially when we can laugh at a guy crying during the game.

Be thankful the Falcons owner hired Dan Quinn,...and not the present Bills head coach.

Thanks for being able to watch one of the finest QB/WR duos to ever grace a football field. To heck with O-schemes,...those guys have been stellar in a variety of O-schemes which all by it's self should be noted by the so called NFL experts.

And thanks the lawd we have the freedom to avoid watching espn and THE Cowboys network(NFLN).