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Thread: Falcons/Cardinals/game officials

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    Falcons/Cardinals/game officials

    Checking the social, goodness Cardinals fans are great football fans. Man they ain't holding back but with respect. They were talking firing Bruce then backed off when learning Arians had a hospital stay. Just concerned over his health which is very classy. Any unbiased football fan who watched the game in Minnesota could see some very curious officiating. No wonder Bruce had to be hospitalized after that game. As a head coach, if it were me, my head would've exploded on the sideline.

    Great,...just great,...the Falcons too have a, ummmmm, history with NFL game officials and it's not very, ummmmm, nice. And they host a team Sunday that feels they were sort of reeemed so how will the game be called? Will it be called like a playoff game(allowing the players to play such as O-line holding and contact downfield)? Or will it be a case of 22 penalties for the game?

    It's just Tuesday and by now at this point in the season both the Falcons and Cardinals can pretty much be known. There a few aspects which are interesting, such as how the Cardinals defense was out coached by the Vikings(trick plays), and the break downs on special teams.

    Oh yeah, and this is huge for the Cardinals. Their starting left guard, Mike Iupati, left the game last Sunday with a lower left leg hurt and is already listed as questionable for next Sunday's game. This guy is HUGE, 6'5" and 330 lbs., a 7 year vet and the Cardinals' anchor in the run game.

    This would be a huge loss. The backup LG is Taylor Boggs, 6'3" 302 lbs. And the way the Falcons were gashed by the run in they last game, we all knew and know the Cardinals will be intent on rushing the football.

    There's lots being said about the game officials at the Cards official site and in social. Watching games last Sunday was watching a yellow fever epidemic. But it was the non-calls and utterly ridiculous spotting of the ball and these blind mice unable to call a player short of the goal line/or be in for a touchdown which was curious. I know, I know,...the players are faster and all that but that's just another,...excuse.

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    It's the good ole boy system, look at these people, these so called professional refs, are products of NFL management an security people not people who might know the game! Dunno if it is roger the rabbit or owners!
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