Interesting thingie a goin' on here. Most NFL players are not physically well conditioned.

When ya speak of the strength, size, speed, physical ability in my mind NFL players are a group of the strongest men in the whole wide WURL! But other than the O-lines and most D-secondaries,...and QBs, there's a trend to rotate players to keep they legs fresh. To me that's just,...not right. I suppose ya gotta consider wind sprints in practice could wear player's knees out or something but these guys looking tired, like we saw in Philly last Sunday, and players running for a long TD run and complaining that he "was sooo tired" is just,...huh?

It was a huge issue for the Falcons.

Having to travel to Oakland early in the season, then traveling back to ATL, then spending two weeks out West for back to back West Coast games, then a trip to Philly...and guess what? It's amazing the Falcons are 6-4 at this point. But after 10 games with a bye the story line is the Falcons are a tired team. Matty Ice's message to the team entering the bye week was, I dunno ya'll, cannot unnerstand.

Yeah, NFL players will lift weights most every day, cool. Is it a question of strenge over conditioning?

Notice when a WR or a RB has a long gain 99% of the time he's replaced to,...I suppose rest him? Dan Quinn is famous for rotating defensive linemen and linebackers on almost every play after the first opposing offense's opening drive. He rotates the secondary with the nickel and dime cover all the time. In Philly the Falcons brought in a backup center for two plays,...apparently to give Alex Mack a break.

The reason I bring this up is I've heard this complaint from NFL players for years,...that they get tired. Well, all I know when ya think you be tired the other team is gonna run it down yo froat. And when ya go there it always equates to a lossed game, like what happened in Philly last Sunday.

hmmmm,...never hear of Patriots, Steelers, Cowboys, Packers players being "tired" which is interesting.

Tell ya'll what I'm "tired" of,...<curse word> EXCUSES