The Cardinals lost a tough one in Minnesota today,...the Cardinals visit Atlanta next Sunday. Here's a, ummm, a taste of what Cardinals fans are saying tonight,...commentary to follow.

You can point to big Special Teams mistakes in each loss that directly affected the outcome, or contributed:

Patriots - missed FG to take lead at end (along with low snap by our rookie FA long snapper)
Bills - poor snap on FG led to long TD return by Bills defense
Seahawks - blocked punt leads to their only score of regulation. We were DOMINATING the Seahawks offense in that game. If we don't get that kick blocked, we might have won the game 3-0
Seahawks - 1 chip shot missed FG in OT and 1 blocked FG in regulation
Rams - poor punt coverage in 4th quarter allows Tavon Austin to return the ball deep into our territory
Vikings - poor punt coverage in 1st quarter and 100 yard KO return to start 3rd quarter
Vikings - fair catch call by Brown and then lets the ball bounce past him for a 72 yard punt

Also, the combined performances of Butler and Quigley this year. We NEVER flip field position when we're pinned back and punting to the opponent. Finally, we NEVER put any pressure on the opposing punter. Unbelievably bad Special Teams, and sadly I doubt BA will fire Amos Jones in the offseason.

Amos Jones, Alabama type and a former Steelers special teams coach. Cards fans are in agreement canning the guy,...heck, there's a few posting they want Bruce fired after today's loss. We watched the game and no doubt w/o the Vikings special teams play(and defense), they wouldn't have won, at least by as much as they did.

The Cardinals have a serious defense. So do the Vikings. So might the Falcons. ahem, that was a joke. btw,...did I remind ya'll the Cards come to Atlanta next Sunday? The Cardinals will approach the game next Sunday as DO OR DIE type stuff.