Personal Seat License,...THE Mercedes Benz(heil hitler) Atlanta Falcons new venue. There is some irony, but I digress.

People, at the tune of over 30,000 fans have purchased PSLs. The entire lower level has been spoken for at this time. Note the areas purchased and note the 50 yd line seats,...

well well,...reserved seats at the 50 yd line,...not for Falcons fans unless you're willing to spend $1000 a game. "Unavailable" ya see. They'll be available for Steelers, Packers, etc. fans guaranteed. And these people are willing to spend $1000 a seat for one game at the new stadium to watch their team. It's always nice to see people prospering and able to afford to watch games at the new Dome. The Falcons need all those people to make no noise.

Falcons fans are not Seahawks fans. Falcons fans since 1990, the first year I bought season tickets, approach home games like,...I dunno. I do know the first season in the Georgia Dome circa 1992, people were wearing jewelry, acting like elitists, sittn' back in they little chair crammed like sardines, and just,...watching the game. No hollerin', no screaming like those women do in Seattle. btw, that's their secret of making so much noise. All those West Coast women and those voices,...whew, nails on a black board type stuff.

And lately, like the last home game win over the Packers, Packers fans were making more noise than Falcons fans.

But anyways, it's a funky stadium built NOT just for football. It's also Arthur Blank's pro soccer team's home. mmmmm,...ya'll do know a soccer field is way larger than a football field right? When the GA Dome first opened they said the "sight lines" would be better than the old Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium,...they lied. Poor bastards,...spending $500 for a seat and if you don't have binocs it's gonna look like ants running around waaaaayyy down thar.

The new stadium will have restaurants, places to take yo child to play, all sorts of, hell it'll be like going to the mall. Football, Falcons football, will be a second thought next season. But for now it's a free country and more power to all ya'll.