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Thread: Rooting for the Falcons

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    Rooting for the Falcons

    Rooting for the Falcons is like watching the Titanic every Sunday and rooting for the ship
    Since light travels faster than sound, some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

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    Like going to the doctor and waiting 2 hours after your appointment time. Like attending a family reunion when yo flamilly are a bunch of reprobates. Like hearing the little drill the dentist uses to grind holes in yo toofth. Funerals,...when the priest/preacher talks for over an hour. Like being around people who talk only about they physical problems.

    Even when the Falcons were ahead by 17 points in several games this year, that stupid prevent defense allows the opposing offense to come within tying the game in the 4th and it's ridiculous. Thing is, Quinn plays the same defense even when the Falcons are behind in score. If it weren't for Shanny and Matty the Falcons would be intolerable to watch.

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