My goodness,...Aaron Rodgers slicing up the young boys trying to play a zone cover,...someone said something 'bout this before,...hmmm. When something don't work over and over isn't that said to be,...insane? There's zero pass rush. Did ya'll hear me???,...lemme accentuate the thought, the idea here,...With no pass rush Zone coverage, over the middle, is USELESS. A freaking football novice knows that. Zero pressure and at halftime the Packers had THREE TDs?,...24 points allowed in the 1st half is just,...not acceptable. ya'll cain't catch fish like dat! Okay,'s hard to admit but my team has bought into this defense,...and in my agony I must observe it.

Packers are a well coached team, of course. No trash talk(to a degree), and not dirty.

Lemme bitch 'bout the talking heads that called this game. It was laughable how many times these idiots said the Packers were depleted by injuries,...ON BOTH SIDES OF THE BALL. It didn't matter if the Packers were up on score or the Falcons in the lead. They just kept on and on about the Packers' injuries like the Falcons are completely healthy.

Congrats Falcons,...with all the talent of your players on offense, the coaching staff on the defensive side has caused your team to be,...mediocre. One name, one idiot that needs to be fired is DL coach Bryan Cox. Next, if things don't improve, Dan Cue Ball head Quinn. But that ain't happnin' anytime soon.

Ugly, ugly, ugly stuff. The score may make it appear a classic NFL game, was just,...ugly.