The Falcons lifted off yesterday to Denver and began a ten day road trip waaayyyy out West. After tomorrow's game they'll head further West to Seattle to practice next week preparing for the Seahawks. It was a sorta funky quirk in the scheduling, ya know, the Falcons facing the AFC and NFC Western divisions and the Rams moving back to LA which has the Crows playing out West 4 games.

We learned the Falcons org requested the league to schedule two of those four road games in consecutive weeks to keep from having to travel out West 4 separate trips. But what's meaning more here is the Falcons face two of the best Ds in the NFL in consecutive weeks. To be honest,...I'll be happy with a win in either game. 4-2 sounds good but being real here, it'll most likely be 3-3 when the Chargers come to Atlanta after this road trip. C'mon man, way in hayal the Falcons win in Denver. But the homecoming of Dan Quinn in Seattle,...there's a chance the media and the league influence thangs a bit, we'll see.

Seems like the Broncos always have great teams like the Pats, Steelers, Pack, etc. and the rest of NFL franchises are bottom feeders. Past Super Bowl appearances by certain teams is undeniably and curiously revealing. The Playoffs often have the same teams appearing year after year. You could argue these franchises are run better than others and that may be to an extent. But hell no,...not after decades of the same damn teams winning SBs,...check and look at the YEARS the same teams appear in SBs,'s a joke man.

Yesterday the lowly, hated Falcons perform in Denver beginning a long trip away from families,...oh yeah,...the Falcons sent flowers to ALL the wives and galfrens cause they menses will be gone for 10 days, sweet.

It would be sweet to win in Denver. It would put the Falcons on the media radar screen and set up a huge battle in Seattle the following Sunday.

We Falcons fans are 'bout to see what this team is alllllll about come tomorrow.