Good luck B**** D***

Alllll the experts are focusing on the Falcons offense and the Broncos defense. It's funny cause it ain't gonna be so much about that. The game will come down to how the Falcons defense and Broncos offense perform 'gainst each other.

Gary Kubiak is playing a game before the game. No one knows which Broncos QB will start Sunday but it really don't matter. Both the rookie and the other guy are soooooo alike, but then the Broncos are 4-0, so it don't matter. And I agree with Falcons D-coor Richard Smith. Smith was LBs coach in Denver when Kubiak was Broncos QB coach then O-coor.

Smith when asked about which QB will start,...“Who plays? I don’t’ know,” Falcons defensive coordinator Richard Smith said. “We’ll prepare for both. Their system isn’t going to change.” hahahahaha great answer. And true. Add that Smith also said the Broncos have simplified the offense since Peyton Manning retired and there ya go. The starting QB did practice yesterday but in any case it's shaping up to be a brutal game ya'll.

The Falcons lead the league in scoring TDs. After watching the Falcons offense explode three straight games one can see a possible lull coming Sunday, playing at Denver against a Super Bowl winning D.

The only chance to achieve 4-1 will depend on the Falcons D shutting down the Kubiak version of the WCO offense. Kubiak's scheme is balanced with 125 passing attempts and 115 rushing attempts so far this season. The Broncos average just over 100 yds a game so far, curiously with a somewhat respectable 3.7 yds a rush, of dust game? One writer in Atlanta, Schultz let something outta the bag yesterday. Keep in mind these guys have asscess to Falcons game preparations at Flowery Branch and are sworn to silence about what they've seen and heard, fact. It was one little line he wrote,..."Say hello to Bronko Nagurski football. Take the 6 as a gift but Falcons win a low-scoring upset."

Oh yeah, Kubiak said yesterday too he wants to run the football down the Falcons throats Sunday, well, not in those exact words but he did express he intends to run the ball down the Falcons throats. Add yesterday btw,...the spread dropped from 6 to 5,...hmmmm