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    Offensively speaking

    At the Falcons official website, it looks like the writers are making fun of fans who wanted Kyle Shanahan fired last year. In a way, so did I. There's a nice article about how Shanny and Ryan have mind melded and in it, and this has come up before, there's the specter of fans' opinion.

    Let's be honest,...most NFL players and coaches don't give a rat's bahooty what the fans think. Yes, when a large portion of the fan base is close to revolt, as such with the Dolphins recently, the *owner* is compelled to make changes. NFL owners are well aware of they fan base not coaches(Dan Quinn has no idea the fickle nature of Falcons fans and don't care).

    All last season EVEN when the Falcons were 5-0 there were some fans talking down 'bout Shanny's offensive philosophy. What was more curious people were saying he "looks arrogant" on the sideline,...huh? Ya cain't be arrogant in the NFL? Geesh, look at Belichick, the Steelers coach, good gawd there's a slew of arrogant bastards in the NFL. Bills coach Ryan? Payton? Cam? pffft Arrogance is an essential quality which in turn relates to winning games, fact. This goes for the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB. Hell fire, I want arrogance, a degree. I'm ARROGANT!, so there.

    I'm so arrogant I predict the Falcons lose a close game in Denver, under 7 points,...oh that reminds meLol,...a Falcons fan posted on SM that Matt Ryan's passes would be off-target cause of the thin air,...just laugh out loud at these idiots. Which also reminds me,...both Falcons kickers are hurt with a hammy and a thigh,...maybe the thin air will allow a limping kicker to make a 50 yd FG. Just trying to be a positive element in a realm that's filled with doom.

    Let's do some scouting on tonight's TNF game,...both future opponents of the Falcons. The Niners,...pffft

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    If that's Shananae's arrogant look behind him, what kind of look does Ryan hold releasing that practice pass? He's got the hand wave going on with his lower teeth sticking out and over the upper lip. Eyes bulging out like he stepped on a live wire. Yeah hey whatever works, I'll do that to get his salary!

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