This is for you *** ******,...all we can do is *try* hahaha to get them to see*

Wooo hooooo! Falcons fans have risen up! Social media is abuzz after yesterday's domination of the current NFC Champions. Alright,...lemme beat my chest a little please. The offensive explosion we saw yesterday reminded me of the 1980's San Fran 49ers offense. Sorry to beat a dead horse but Kyle Shanny learned from daddy and daddy learned from Bill Walsh, ya know the guy the media said was an offensive genius?

There are various versions of the West Coast Offense. Guys like the Chiefs head coach and the HC in Denver use a *modern* version,...Kyle Shanny uses the original scheme, a TEE. Remember Joe Gibbs?,...offensive line guru? He influenced Mike Shanahan during the John Elway years to use a "slant block" scheme exclusively. Gibbs also coached the Falcons line in the mid 2000's so I'm familiar. Slant blocking is the usual method in the WCO but in the original version there'll be guards and tackles pulling to block on run plays. In Joe Gibb's version of line blocking there's never, ever a lineman called upon to pull to block. Kyle Shanny uses the original blocking scheme. I know to lots of FF types this is a subject which don't matter.

Bill Walsh back in the '80's had great O-lines and in his scheme, as Shanny JR is showing, there's gonna be a run game. Yesterday the Falcons scored on a beautiful trap play as the LG pulled and opened a hole on a 13 yd run, right up the middle...beautiful. The combination of the O-line playing well and finally the players hahahaha and now fans are buying into the scheme, after seeing what happened against a stout D.

All this version of the WCO requires Lol and I guess all offenses need this, but it requires a decent O-line, RBs that are quick and shifty, a great #1 WR, a receiving TE with complimentary targeting of multiple receivers to open the playbook. The Falcons had drives of 98 yards,...TWICE yesterday.

Here I am talking 'bout the run game, run blocking when the Falcons only had 90 yards rushing yesterday(Matt Ryan had 14 yds) but nearly 500 yds passing.

When the Falcons hired Shanny JR I read a Redskins writer suggest Shanny ruined Rober Griffinhahaha, Robert Griffin ruined himself. He added Shanny JR would ruin Matt Ryan. Last year the Falcons start 5-0 and fans were questioning Shanny's play calling. Now keep in mind most Falcons fans disagree with every single O-coor in Falcons history. And they were wanting Shanny's head when things went North,...get it? All during the off season these fans were talking Shanny down and now?,...they be eating crow. Several franchise records broken. Will they apologize?hahaha

Oh my,...we'll see what Shanny cooks up for the Broncos next Sunday. It's so difficult to win a game in Denver,...must be the air.