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Thread: A handful of observations

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    A handful of observations

    Well, here's 5 things of great importance, observing last night's game from a micro point of view.

    1 and 2,...Two plays were tide-turners last night. The botched then fumbled Saints punt return in the 1st qtr. and the Falcons pick 6 in the 4th.

    1. After watching the game again, what was the Saint thinking running into the return man? The Falcon he was trying to block was behind him and he just,...ran into the returner causing a free ball cause no one had touched the ball. Then the returner, instead of getting away from the ball catches it off a bounce then fumbles? It was 7-7 Saints and the way they were moving the ball it could've been 14-7. Instead the Falcons scored a TD after the TO making it 14-7. Again special teams play always seems to be a huge factor between these two teams.

    2. Credit where it's due,...yes the pick 6 was scored by LB Deion Jones, a Nawlins native and LSU product. But undrafted rookie 23 yr old S Brian Poole was the guy who tipped the ball, a great pass defensed. Jones, 22 yrs old, returned the tipped pass for a back breaking TD.

    3. The referees,...Really not a bad job but ya'll know I gotta beef. It was the way all a defender has to do is breathe on Brees and gets flagged for roughing when Matt Ryan was being abused, one time the hit came waaaay after Ryan's pass, flag. I admit Ryan was out of the pocket on that play but guys like a Favre, Rothlisberger out of the pocket still are extremely protected, a fact.

    4. The unsung hero last night was a lineman. He anchored the line last night like the great I knew he'd be back in 2009. No bad snaps, pushing 330 lbs DTs around, pass protection perfect, enabled the Falcons to rush for lots of yards. I wanted the Falcons to draft the guy back in the Spring of 2009 but no,...the Falcons wanted a washed up HOF TE instead. Anyways, it's such a luxury knowing the center of the O-line has a competent blocker which helps the guards immensely. Alex Mack is worth every penny.

    5. Matty Ice,,...after 3 games his completion percentage is 70.9%!!! He has a QB rating after 3 games of 119. Only 1 INT with 7 TD passes. And people were wanting him traded,...amazing idiocy. Let's see after 16 games that'd be around 40 TD passes and about 10 INTS. I will add Kyle Shannyhan at #5 for a kudo. This morning, even Shanny haters, are admitting the guy doesn't have to be run out of town just yet. I never unnerstood the Shanny haters. I'm thinking those types are ignorant fans.

    ewwww, Sunday the black cats visit. It should be a glorious battle.

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    So I looked at Cam Newt's stats and they're no freaking better than R/T! Gee 78 rating, wow. Something like 58% complete. 12 sacks for -87 yards.

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