Well,...lookie there. Next Monday night, a week from now, it'll be Drew Brees and Matt Ryan performing for the entire NFL World in prime time.

Brees hasn't received the scrutiny Ryan has from fans. Last off season I read Falcons fans posts suggesting trading Ryan, something I've never seen Saints fans say about Brees on social media. Lots of Falcons fans complain that their team is always looked down upon,...laughed at, and ya know why? They're laughing at you, the fans mainly. Some Falcons fans have been seen dragging branches, eating bananas, throwing rocks and slapping the ground.

They *should* laugh at me for being a fan of a losing franchise for years, geesh! But right now,...at this point in the season the Falcons and Saints QBs are lighting up secondaries.

Last season Brees finished #1 in passing yds, all 4,870 of 'em. In 2015 Ryan finished with 4,591 yds, ranked 5th overall in the league. After two 2016 games Ryan ranks second behind Andy Dalton,...by two yards. Dalton in 2 games has passed for 732 yds, Ryan has passed for 730 yds. Terry Cousins is #3 and then there's Brees at #4 after 2 games with 686 yds passing. That means Ryan and Brees are the cream of the NFC,...and no one's saying a dang thang 'bout it in the media. Oh, it being a MNF game they'll be forced to recognize it eventually but all we're hearing 'bout is the Patriots QB situation.

Tonight's MNF game will feature Jay Cutler and Carson Wentz. Cutler had 216 yds passing last week and Wentz passed for a respectable 278 yds. To top Brees or Ryan would take these guys throwing for over 400 yds tonight and that ain't happnin' ya'll.

Oh man,...this should be fun in a week. I promise it'll be more entertaining than tonight's game,...the Bears and the Eagles,...ugh