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Thread: all white uni's

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    all white uni's

    what do you guys think?

    I'm a fan. it feels like a throwback to the SB3 uni's.

    can't argue with the results either. 37 points they should wear em every game

    also Never want to see the pickle pants again

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    Purest unis in football. Only piece of history this organization has and they opt for those hideous green pants.

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    The all whities is the Jets best look.
    Ain't nobody better mess with the fine feathered figaro!

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    The all whites have always been my personal favorite, and yes, it does remind me of SBIII

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    Love the white shoes and even the white face masks.

    Socks could use a few green stripes though...they look like nurses.

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    add a sleeve stripe below the sleeve number, and like msg said do something understated w the sox... then you have pefection

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    I honestly didn't notice anything different until I remembered this was a "Rush" game.

    Yeah, they look like they always did. I like it.

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    I love them. We should wear them till we lose.

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    Best in the league. Love the white grill.

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    All whites are the jets best look, I prefer last year's color rush helmet though, pair that metallic green helmet with these all whites and call it a day.
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