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Thread: Captain Fitz baby!!!!

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    The antidote to meh arm strength is good reads and decisive throws. Ask Kurt Warner about his arm and his 66% completion rate...
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    Got ?

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    Pope Beningno should root for his hometown niners...

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    Fitzpatrick had a great game when it was desperately needed. Of course, it was desperately needed because he stuck the previous week. But, hey, no disrespect intended, he played a great game and I'm happy for the Jets to have won that game, which they desperately needed because they lost the previous game due to a game-clinching turnover. ;-)

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    W/ these weapons and if we win division, fitz could actually be serious map candidate. So glad we brought him back. Great move. Also loved the coaching - what a difference and step up from Rex - to say his act has worn thin would be an understatement. Goodel may have more credibility than Rex has with his players at this point.

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