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Thread: ...just a quote from jordan mathews...

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    ...just a quote from jordan matthews (must read)

    this from

    ...David Murphy: Nod to Pederson

    ...This quote from Jordan Matthews stood out to me:

    "The best thing about Coach Pederson is just his authenticity," the wide receiver said. "He's played the game and not only has he played the game, but he's been in our shoes. And when I say 'our shoes,' he's played in the city of Philadelphia. Playing in the city of Philadelphia - it's not like any other sports state. When they're playing football in here, it maximizes that much more. So he's been in those trenches before. When I see him, it's not even as much as I see a coach, it's like, 'Yo Pops, I got you.' That's a blood brother right there, no different from those guys in the locker room. Sometimes Coach Pederson doesn't even have to say much. We already feel that family vibe from him so we just really want to go out there and win for him. I feel like that's his best asset."

    In his first game as a coach, Pederson showed a keen feel for how to introduce a rookie quarterback to the NFL. It was a tremendous debut for a coach whose lack of game-day experience raised some eyebrows when he was hired. ...

    just a really solid start to the season for the whole organization , a blurred view of the team started to come into focus.
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