It's pretty much universal,...the refs won the game last night for the Broncos. I wanna laugh.

Lemme say sumthin' here,...any game played in Denver?,...EVERY game played in New England?,...Most games played in Charlotte are the same damn thang ya'll. Those whining Panthers fans can cry whilst I laugh. Not laughing at the Panthers, they fans but because I giggle that people, after years of me posting(no one listens), that some games played in certain venues, in some cities,...ya gotta beat the teams and the ya gotta beat the officials. It's something we poor, suffering little Falcons fans have learned through the YEARS. And it's funny, and you deserve it Panthers fans.

Your QB is a little baby boy still. Your team is now under scrutiny after the ANTICS the players/coaches have performed and allowed to perform. I have games from last season which proves in Charlotte, games in which the Panthers were CODDLED while visiting teams were heavily scrutinized,...and these whining Panthers fans just ignore it,...until they boys lose. They said the refs helped the Falcons beat the Panthers last year, their only regular season loss.hahaha They defend cammy newton as he should've been flagged TWICE FOR TAUNTING LAST NIGHT?

Just sit back and shake yo het, should be expected by now.