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Thread: I am DONE with the n f l

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    I am DONE with the n f l

    Now we have more weak minded little brats not standing for the national anthem, well the n f l can go to hell, and take the 2 faced bastards who are ina profession that is 85% black...........millionaire players, how have they been treated. The owners and the red headed prick commy have no spine and have no decency or control over the franchises they paid millions for.

    I will try my best to get people I know to boycott this communist league.

    Either way I am done with a game that has been adulterated for the last 10 years of rule changes, and now pissy little brats want to be political when dey see's dey can get news time, they want to be noticed......period, it's arrogance not a statement
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