One day I'll learn to NOT wear a Falcons hat when I go to Waffle House for breakfast. Couldn't finish my breakfast for some idiot Alabama fan standing over the table and acting like he knows football, wanting everyone in that ridiculous restaurant to hear his knowledge and more, his fucking off-worldly opinions. Top it off,...Waffle House has awful grits. No one can mess up eggs,...well, ya know.

It ranges from politics to sports analysis,...same idiots, same OLD SHIT! People pick out a scapegoat and ride that goat til they DIE! Please lawd, let them die and leave we sane ones alone before we go crazy? Let them die. Sorry,...but I'm sick of 60 year old men telling me bullshit that ain't real nor right regarding football. Like a CHILD they focus on one facet attempting to appear *smarter* than people whom have done this job when those OLD MEN haven't given anything regarding football but a dusty OLD opinion which is musty, dusty and ya actually smell they bad breath. And they don't know jack ****.

We have to be nice don't we? And lawd knows my butthole has tried to be nice, respectful. But when they talk that crap,..."I'm done,...I'm not watching no more games?" Well,...just go the fuck away from me okay? I won't have to deal with you every Sunday from now on,...BITCH.

When lots of people talk down Kyle Shanahan, it's like,, let's see what happens, but ohhhh noooo. They done made up they little minds like Trumpsters and Hillary types.

It's time to clean, actually wash their dirt off my back. What's funny is,...oh crap a prediction coming,...what's funny is IF the Falcons offense does well. It's happened before. People saying crap then it's thrown back in they uglee faces,...oh noooo we can't go back and remind them, might offend the little babies.

It's bad enough having to talk to ALABAMA fans,'s worse dealing with some Falcons,...pffft fans. So let's get angry bout players sitting during the nat anthem. Fine. You idiots. Muslim players have been in the league for DECADES you idiots and they do not like the U.S.

Alls I gots to say is for now it's a right to protest, to talk openly in Amurica.

Little babies saying they be done with the NFL,...little 60 year old BABIES can just go the **** away,...please?