It's the final PS matches for all NFL teams. Tonight the Jaguars visit Atlanta. Almost wanna get down on knee and pray to the NFL gods no one gets hurt in a meaningless game. hmmm,...and come to think of it Maurice Smith and Roger Goodell do think they are gods. If you don't know who Smith is, you will soon enough guaranteed.

Pundits have said waaayyy early they think the Jags will improve on their 5-11 2015 campaign and duh,...a 6-10 record is improvement to the know-it-alls. But some of us do see a pretty potent, albeit conservative offense. The Jags have a solid duo at RB able to rush for around 1,400 yds yds a season(the backup RB is former Saint Chris Ivory). They have two 2nd year WRs, one owns the franchise record for yds per catch, a Julio Jones type guy. And then there's Blake Bortles.

The Jags defense is sho nuff a "no name defense." BUT pretty solid. Their defense revolves around their MLB.

But starters won't play long in tonight's game, especially the Falcons looking hard at fringe guys that will or won't get cut.

Ahhh, to get this PS over will be great. btw,...the Falcons won in Jacksonville last season in an ugly game and guess what? The Jags leading rusher was,...Bortles with 44 yards. Jags RB T.J. Yeldon was hurt and the starting RB in that game last season is now 3 deep on they depth chart tonight.

Oh ye NFL gods,...please grant the Jaguars a win tonight. We've suffered through the Glanville, Reeves, Mora years when they thought winning PS games results in regular season wins,...and it never did.