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    August body

    In ancient Rome, ya'll know that'd be in Italy,...there was a time when they, in the Roman Senate, would assemble to finish the term for the year and prepare for Winter. Usually it was like the present day U.S. Congress and Senate right before a recess for weeks, or months here lately. The August body was once revered and held in high respect,...until the selfish transformed it into an evil entity.

    Why this history lesson? I dunno,...August is about over and on TMC they is showing Spartacum no wait it's Spatula, it's Spartacus yeah sorry. An inspirational story of slaves seeking freedom. Colon Capperasshole should watch that old film from 1960 and realise his idiotic stance. They ain't no hundreds of SLAVES standing up and sayin',...I'm Cappernick!

    Sherriff Buford T. Justice,..."what in the HELL is the wulr cumin' to." oops this ain't fb, this is the,...THE Superbirds. But this ties in, in a way if I can find a way. It's got to a point Ancient Aliens is more entertaining than this NFL preseason. The media<sigh> are soooo biased, jaded, negative, digging for anything sensational like sharks in bloody water, it just,...makes ya open yo eyes to the inane fools which are 98% of journalists.

    shhhhh,...listen,...only Miami has their own group to report on the Dolphins,...lucky bastards. In Nashville, Atlanta, Jax, Tampa they all have transplants from up nawth to report on teams they really don't give a crap about. haha kinda like carpetbaggers.

    Broke Romo's back, sitting on the flag,...must've needed to wipe his, ahem. The analogy between ancient Rome's games and today's pro athletes match well. Arrogant, pampered, opinions derived from false beliefs, much worse ignorance, always toting they HEART on they sleeves sorta thang.

    Ending,...imo there has never been a group of men in any sport through the ages whom are the fastest, strongest, smartest(might be a reach there), and talented than NFL players the last 4 decades. Ya know,...ya'd think these guys would appreciate where they are. And most do, we can only hope. But today,...we don't know what lurks in the shadows anymore, with anyone.

    Sorta like that thing called a penumbra,...a shadow of a shadow, suffering the truth.

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    Always wondered what he looked like...

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