Okay this'll be a short post,...the Falcons coaches are hiding something. Okay,...see ya'll later!

Oh,...is this post still going? Since we're here let an aged fan of football splain sumthin' to all yous,...ahem novices. I would've said idiots years ago, sorry. Here we go,...the best teams in allllll of NFL history did 2 thangs,...they dominated which is the preferable route for most purists and secondly they learned to deceive they opponents. Personally I enjoy the deception aspect,...a reverse, a double reverse, a screen pass that kills a strong rush passing defense, anything deceptive is *unique* in the NFL. It takes coaches with nerve and vision to apply it. And given NFL players are consumed with strip bars, limos, hair do so it hangs out the back of the helmet(BLONDES TOO), one wonders how much imagination a coach can place on a player(s) anymore. It just might blow they mind.

Back to the subject,...and no one knows but me. Ya'll do know I have that there ESP,...n don't cha? shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,...

Falcons players appear focused at this point anyways. I sense we'll see some fresh,...OLD TYMIE trick plays like in the past. We heard the experts say the days of the trick plays are over cause of the speed,...hahaha speed kills remember?

The game last week in Orlando,...a game that's the most important PS game, was a game of deception by the Falcons. You saw the Dolphins the way they'll be in 2016. They do have a good defense overall, other than the LBs, and the way the Falcons offense approached that game was, imo, not representative of what we'll see in the reg season. Add the fact,...I said FACT Quinn's defense played zone cover(or zone/man cover on the corners), didn't blitz? It was on both sides of the ball ya'll.

So here's my quandary,...last season I said Quinn was forced to play lots of zone cause he lacked talent,...so far in PS all we've seen is zone, zone, zone cover. On offense it's been vanilla, interceptions, again in the opponent's red zone pffft.

All I know is if we see in the reg season what we've seen in PS so far?,...mmm mmm mmm,...gonna be a long one boys. So I'm hoping they're holding back for when things count. Surely they couldn't bring this type of game plan into the season.