okay I lied,...after sweating like a pig today in this incredible heat,...yep. I went onto the biggest, largest most vociferous Falcons message board site and got what I expected.

Bench Ryan and start Matt Schaub,...fire Shanny, this and that player are jokes, etc. Ya know,...sometimes ya just gotta take it with a grain of crap. And that's what lots of them are full of.

Man,...it would be so nice to talk football with folks and they not be so,...I dunno,...so negative maybe. Put Matt Ryan in Tom Brady's shoes, suspended or hurt the 1st 4 games of the year. You idiots would be talking Ryan up. I'm so sick of Falcons fans complaining bout Shanny, I want his ass fired just to have some peace. But I know the next O-coor will be treated the same way,...all those experts out there.

So yeah, I lied. Wish I hadn't. Might be a good time to take a break away from this dwelling in darkness. But in the same thought, these fans have been abused, so in that *light* I grant some leeway,...and sympathize.

Yeah yeah, it was ugly last night. But whatever we say,...well at least whatever I say, the Dolphins are not a bad football team. I always give the opponent credit whilst the media muppet heads always be tryin' to appease the fantasy types and always talk down the losers. That's they easy way to appear to be all-knowing, attack the loser. And it did happen today after last night's game. If they ain't talkin' down to a player or a team, they be talkin' up they team or talkin' down to a team they don't respect,...Falcons=ZERO respect.

Dolphins fans posted last week they're in a rebuilding mode. pffft it looked like the Falcons were the ones rebuilding, and they are! Told ya'll the Falcons defense will play guys whom are the youngest in the NFL, without doubt. Yes they were flying round last night and will get better but as of now the entire defense is a "work in progress."

But to even talk about the Falcons offense gives me a freaking headache with some people. Hell,...it's almost like talking politics,...and when someone has made up they mind? Ya may as well smile and say,...yeah man. And the bees are awful this time of year,...