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    Easy baby

    Tonight's game has been the most,...useless waste of talent for the Falcons, but it is preseason.

    Kyle Shanny called the O-plays from the air conditioned booth in steamy Orlando FL and Dan Quinn played, again, a vanilla defense the whole damn game,, zone, zone.

    It was nice NBC called the game with a couple established commentators and they did a good job mentioning players on both teams many peeps don't know who the hey they be.

    Well,...I knew the Dolphins would come out in their first game close to home and play well. I spoke to a guy earlier asking bout the weather and he said it is brutal. Good,...these boys need to sweat.

    It just seems to me on both sides of the ball the Falcons are playing it safe. And that's fine. Shanny Jr's play calling was curious to say the least. And I ain't gonna say nuthin' just yet while many Falcons fans are completely irate cause they are always the ones bitching bout the O-Coor whether it be Mularkey, Dan Reeves, Shanny, June Jones, Greg Knapp, Koetter, don't matter. Some peeps seem to think they can call plays better and it would be nice if they gave me the 20 scripted plays to be called to start the game, a regular season game. Yeah against a Bucs D to start with.

    I'm gonna ignore lots of posts on social media this weekend. I already can hear/read it and I refuse to hear it. There is no doubt Kyle Shanny has learned from some folks who know the game, perhaps his daddy. here we go,...ya gotta repeat something over and over for people. Let's just get to the quick,...the Falcons didn't want to get anyone hurt and then they were playing schemes that were beyond vanilla. Zone cover with at the most, 5 rushing the QB,...the offense,...whew. They made the Dolphins look like the Steel Curtain, and not to take anything away from the Orlando Dolphins but I told ya'll their defense isn't as awful as some Phins fans would let you believe. Add the Falcons were holding back on both sides of the ball purposely with no doubt, zero, zilch while they went for it on 4th and goal and didn't score which makes it looks like a serious gamble.haha In a reg season game Quinn kicks the FG. Ya'll will learn one day I have ESP,...n

    The Falcons head honchos had no intent of winning this meaningless game if you simply watched the game plan unfold. I will add there was more emphasis to *win* in PS games 1 @ 2 than in this match. But lawd have mercy,...and I guess it's the nature of many Falcons fans, to always see destruction, mayhem, controversy, fixed games, cheating refs, etc.

    Well,...'bout the Phins? I saw a pretty good effort tonight overall. They defense isn't as awful as Phins fans would let you think I guess,...hell, maybe they can't see it or, are intentionally whining as many fans can be to protect they opines.haha ya'll have no idea the depths some Falc fans can go into the bowels of negativism, making Phins fans amateurs in that respect. For decades I been preaching when the fans change their attitude,...and ya know what? It does have impact cause guess what,...NFL players/coaches don't care what you think. At this time of the 2016 season everything is carved in stone,...everything.

    So we saw an ugly Phins win,...and for them to have a winning season, imo, they'll have to win ugly games. And the Falcons? Already said they'll have to win ugly, running the ball, short passes which means both teams cannot make too many mistakes, penalties, turnovers in order to win.

    Here's to the Phins,...hope they can beat the Cheatriots at least once. Hope they can beat the Jets once. Maybe after all the stuff Phins fans had to say after starting PS 0-2, maybe they *might* realise to look at week#1 when the stuff counts. Ya know like gettin' they minds right. No doubt Miami has the talent.

    So I'm gonna avoid the whining, the bitching,...until it counts. Then I'll be the worst bitch of 'em all, I promise.

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    @penumbra ''There is no doubt Kyle Shanny has learned from some folks who know the game, perhaps his daddy.''
    his daddy... ..sure
    it's easier to search

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