It's fun reading Falcons fans posts. Some guys/gals are pretty knowledgeable, some make ya shake yo het like huh? Some are literal "insiders" who work, in some fashion or another(maybe sweeping floors), for the Falcons and sometimes spill some inside stuff under a user name. Here's what's hot today,...

An insider made a great post explaining Dan Quinn's defensive scheme. Not be pounding my chest but I've already addressed it. Fans are, for the moment, not skewing Kyle Shanny nor Matty Ice. Most of the talk is Desmond Trufant getting his loins burned on a 50 yd TD pass last Thurs night.

Amazingly it's a slow time for posting, I guess cause we've talked about everything we can think.

And then,...there's a super long thread,...a guy posted that John Abraham was the best pass rusher since Clude Humphrey. hahaha So other Falcons fans bring up Chuck Smith and the guy says, "I wasn't a fan back then, sorry I forgot about Chuckie." I sat back in my chair and laughed. It is surely a luxury at times when you've been a long time fan and know the history of your team. This boy's post invokes Claude and didn't even know about Chuckie?Lol amazing.

Ya see,...the Falcons historically have been ignored by the HOF committee for one, has not been properly marketed by the league like other franchises which means younger fans know about Mean Joe Greene but not Chuckie Smith and that's a shame ya'll.

So the season approaches and here we are saturated with reports, rumors and horse crap like 1 nut wunders comparing former players(Humphrey), they've never watched.