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Thread: My rebuilding, surrogate team

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    My rebuilding, surrogate team

    surrogate mind you,...

    Rise up you Dolphins! oops that'd be the Falcons thang sorry. See,...we up here have a choir, all black ladies, singing rise up to get our boys ready to play football. But yeah,...I been checking on the Dolphins' fans and their sentiments, on fb and other places.

    PS games don't count lots of people say, but they don't know how important it is for teams to fine tune the many aspects of the roster, game planning, etc. Going into week #3 I checked out the Dolphins camp a little this morning. At the official site of the Dolphins there's no message boards but there were some Phins fans posting at other places via SM.

    John Congemi, a Dolphin "analyst" wrote this after the match with the Cowboys last week,... The starting defensive line failed to apply any pressure in the pocket, and that didn’t help the pass coverage behind them. Also, the Cowboys’ offensive line won the battle at the line of scrimmage, which allowed gaping holes and linemen to secure blocks on the linebackers at the second level. Hopefully this group will watch this performance on tape, correct the mistakes and play with more discipline and production against Atlanta next Thursday evening.

    hmmm,...1st reaction is to think the Falcons offense will dominate later this week but that might be a mistake to assume. Professional NFL football can confound the most learned and established figgers in the media especially but even former players/coaches as well as those in current such positions. So that was a paid writer's analysis of the Phins' defense. hahaha read what one fan told another on fb,...

    ***** ***** did any of us dolphins fans ever think?? that our defensive line on paper is just over rated and over the hill has beens? and just average at best?? and they have man handled our way way over rated offensive line? do the math/ we are in trouble on both sides of the fence. whoosh its gone be a long long disapointing season. and tannenbaum is a double agent for the jets organization, if his brains were dynamite he wouldn't have enough to blow his NOSE!!!!!!!!!!

    Lol,...a double agent for the Jets is really funny. And I trust this fan's "analysis" more than the paid talking head. Fans don't hold back from not being nice, not worrying bout losin' they job. But it appears the Dolphins are somewhat in a rebuilding mode to me, I may be wrong. The bearded QB is a capable NFL athlete so it seems to me in order for the Dolphins to be successful in any game they must avoid mistakes all to be damned for one thing. And have just a lil' luck always helps.

    Thursday night in Miami,...oh to be back in Florida again,...reminds me of their cheerleaders,...spayed with deet

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    It's just another preseason, and not unlike every other one Fins get to play Falcons or Tampa Bay or both. Whatever happens or fails to, will anybody be any wiser for it years from now? I remember only as far back as last preseason-oh & ah the Fins' front was made out to be totally awesome. We're suppose to finally upend the Patriots roost over the A.F.C.E. Yet, what happens when the balloon finally goes up? Piffft! I hope the D sucks in pre-season this time, it portends better.

    Dan Campbell is Asst. Head Coach for Nerline's Saints, i.e. your main competition. He was an impressive guy. I heard most of his pressers while the Fin-siders Radio show still aired last year, and always came away more impressed with whatever he said than any other coach in recent memory. Fins had one or two stellar players, too, but that's just not enough of them!

    What to expect? Our first pick C, Pouncey is injured again and probably will ride the bench for the rest of the pre-season. As you may know another first round pick, Tackle Jake Long has moved on and is in early retirement after a couple of injury-riddle seasons down here.

    Cam Wake isn't up to it, and neither is top running back Jay Ajayi. Both should stay out nursing minor injuries of some kind or another. They're going to run out of exercise bicycles!
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    You guys look to be rising the cellar this season Gund! I like some of your young talent like Jarvis Landry... Wish he was playing in the slot here... Hmmmm... But I also like Enunwa a lot.
    Ain't nobody better mess with the fine feathered figaro!

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    Quote Originally Posted by slikmojet View Post
    You guys look to be rising... I also like Enunwa a lot.
    I watched that game. While Enunwa and the Fins are still mostly ennui to me, Matt Schwab and his crew of second team receivers looked ready to go.

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