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Thread: Poor little Dez

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    Poor little Dez

    Poor little Dez Bryant says his madden 17 game depiction is an insult, a grown ass man and a mental midget
    Since light travels faster than sound, some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

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    Another T.O. wannabe,...the talent is there when O-coordinators are forced to feature him cause of monetary reasons. And there's a difference between featuring a Julio Jones and say, Tony Gonzales/Dez. The former, Julio, is a veritable race horse, the two latter mentioned were and are *washed up* no doubt.

    You have a keen eye for QBs and MLB pitchers and catchers,...I'll brag I can see when an NFL WR reaches a time when he's seen his best days. Hell man, they talk about RBs don't have long careers but even though WRs usually have longer careers than RBs, it's clear when an older receiver keeps on a gettin' targetin' for whatever reasons,...a la Jerry Rice when he went to play in Oakland years ago. He embarrassed himself. But enny whooo,...pffft,...some of these pampered, well paid, I dunno. I've been told by Panthers fans to leave Cammy be and let him live his own life. Fine then. But oh no, hayal no,...not two Sundays when the Falcons face Superman. In those times he's in the ARENA and in that arena everyone, evereee 1 is fair game boys.

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