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Thread: Get ready Falcon fans

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    Get ready Falcon fans

    Know several season ticket holders in Miami, they have chosen to discontinue their patronage for many reasons. They went up on tickets, a large increase at that, the contract with the venders they say are ridiculously priced and they have decided to stay with that lame dolphin QB being just 3 reasons, they articulate 5 reasons, traffic and parking rounding it out, OH, and they have limited the tail gating area.

    Just what do think a Mercedes dome game will run, we already know tailgating is very limited and there will be eateries and shops in this dome
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    Well alls I know is you gotta be ready to spend some serious money UNLESS ya wanna watch ants running around cause you be sitting on top of a mountain(nosebleeds), and oh noooo, ya gonna drink beer? omgoodness,...a 12 oz. beer WILL be at least 5 bucks. 5x24(a case)=serious profit. Seats in the lower level,...pffft man I have money like you, but I can't see wasting my money. If we sat at the same place we did in the old ATL-Fulton County Stadium compared to this new Mercedes venue?,...pffft you and I can afford it but then we'd be sittin' next to a drunk, rich Panthers fan,...stinkin' like piss frum he ride outta nawth carolina but maybe, just maybe Cam Newton will hand your old white ass a football after scoring,...not likely.

    I've been reading lots about the PSLs for the new venue,...some are complaining but most aren't. Which means there's still enough Falcons fans to sell out the Dome and the new stadium. As football purists we enjoy being there live so we can watch the entire field,...nothing like it and TV doesn't show the entire game. But it's worth saving $4,000.00 a year,...oh yeah, if we do it right? Food, beer, season tickets, tailgating, womenhahaha, we wish, and popcorn,...and that's for ONE,...1 seat,...siting next to a stinking Saints fan, drunk passed out with puke on his shoulder,...yeah we've seen that before.

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