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    All over the place

    It's no secret the Falcons are all over the place. Made a huge splash in FAgency, made a bigger one in the draft. I will say this off season's free agent signings are the best since 1997. Remember my post 1997=2016? Chris Chandler, Cornelius Bennett, it's Alex Mack and Sanu. What happens sometimes is youth combined with a select vets works wonders.

    hahaha the Falcons will be all over the place this Fall and Winter,...Oakland, LA, Seattle, Denver, Nawlins, Charlotte, Tampa,...and that other cursed place I won't mention. So enjoy HOT Miami later this week boys.

    Been perusing Dolphins fans posts on SM and it ain't pretty. I ain't gonna dis the Phins,...they were a great team once upon a time whilst growing up in Florida,...gawd I still hate the CowboysLol. Ahem,...but we'll see what happens next Thurs night. I've found the Dolphins franchise actually listens to they fans! Amazing! The Dolphins will be ready to make a statement, no doubt bout it. And knowing Dan Quinn,...knowing what he's trying to build?

    This might be a great PS game in the 1st half. If you love football, I dunno, to me seeing the game being played regardless. I wouldn't doubt there could be some extracurricular activity after the whistle in this game.

    From Miami to Seattle,...from Charlotte to LA,...this will be soooooo interesting to watch unfold. hahaha the media has a genuine stellar story sitting right in front of them but,...they hate the Falcons so much, ahhhh forget it.

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    The wife being from that area and knowing many old time fans, they have given up their seats, one wrote to the dolphins management with the typical response they appreciated his dedication to the franchise. he canceled his season tickets!

    Going to post about the future of our franchise.............
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