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Thread: Swamped!

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    Well, at least we can all stop complaining about the offense this week.

    • Ryan Tannehill was terrific (12-20, 162 yards, two touchdowns, 119 rating).
    • Kenny Stills was dynamic (3 catches, 71 yards).
    • Laremy Tunsil was outstanding in pass protection.

    The defense? We’ve been concerned about every aspect of this group and those worries were reinforced tonight. Dallas piling up 300 yards and 27 points in the first half, scoring on five of their six possessions, then needing only two plays to march 59 yards for a touchdown to start the third quarter... Dallas closed with 433 yards and averaged 5.0 yards per rushing attempt.

    Help! Bring in Tulloch!

    The Lions defense is off to a great start against the run and Tulloch is an important part of that success.
    The Panthers are a team that likes to run the football and often do it very well. However that's one area
    they didn’t find success in against the Lions today: they averaging just 2.6 yards per carry for the game.

    SLR Game Ball of the Week 2 [2015] Stephen Tulloch
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