Hey guys,...ya'll are soooooo welcome to post anything here. I know,...I've been a little brutal concerning Cam, I dunno but to me when you're an icon making many bucks it just seems ya wanna be a little more,...I dunno, respectful maybe. But that's just me. Pappy always said, "ya gotta be who you are son." And in that *LIGHT* Cam has to be who he is good or bad.

A little secret,...I was wanting the Panthers to beat the Broncos and badly.shhhhh and I hope the Panthers start the season 1-0 against the same foe.

We, Falcons and Panthers fans, have a seriously interesting season ahead hosting the AFC/NFC West Divisions and playing out West and all that. As ya'll know or should by now, I'm a Falcons fan AND a fan of the NFC South Division. hahaha even when I hate on a Josh Norman,...or a Cam Newton and Drew Brees/Sean Payton/THE BUCS. One thing noticeable is when you're amongst the best in any sport the scrutiny magnifies exponential. And the Panthers were just a tad short of greatness last season.

We have lots to assess. The Panthers have been built along the lines of, pretty much, the old school way. The Falcons have embraced a new trend defensively, while adhering to an old, old offensive scheme, the WCO. And the wild card for Carolina is Cam Newton. He is the face of the franchise and should embrace this fantastic opportunity to be,...great.

Sometimes a switch is flicked and a guy realizes reality. Anyways,...please don't think I hate the Panthers. I'll save that hate for the Cowboys, Steelers, Patriotshaha. mmmm,...add the Bucs to that list, sorry Bucs fans. As it appears now, the Panthers will be a tough cookie this year. The Saints to me are an enigma which is difficult to predict with the way they were built and their overall philosophy to boot. The Bucs could be a surprise team,...they have defensive tools and a young QB. But I think it'll come down to the Falcs and Panthers, division-wise.

Ya'll are great fans, knowledgeable and true. This is a great site and if ya'll've noticed we're getting something like up to 900 visitors every day and more views than ever, well, since 2006 fer sher. I give Elijah, Phred, Shaky the most credit. There's more, the Vikes, Pack, Jets, why hell man, even the iggles forum is getting hits now since someone cleaned up they act.

Let's have some fun talkin' football. In these times we deserve some kind of escape.