Uh oh,...as they say 'round here,...there it is. Before Friday night's exhibition games a writer for nfl.com came out with this piece,...Published: Aug. 12, 2016 at 09:01 a.m. Updated: Aug. 12, 2016 at 10:16 a.m.

Best defensive division in 2016? NFC West, AFC West make strong cases

All it took to know where that was going was to read the title of this homey's piece. Oh yeah,...he's a West Coast type homey btw. He couldn't wait until lots of WC teams played Friday night,...oh nooooo,...he's certain both Western Conference divisions will show the best Ds in the league in 2016.

Of course there's the Broncos D which will be a definite force this year and the writer's opine that the Panthers have a great D,...when in fact they've lost some key players and will be developing 3 rookies in they D-backfield? And of course, no mention of the Titans, Bucs, FALCONS new defenses, hell,...even the Saints D looked good against the Patriots Thursday night. But I see what this guy sees. I see the NFC South facing both the AFC and NFC West divisions this year. I see the AFC SOUTH facing the AFC West as well,...see a pattern? You people,...just because South is associated with something like a red head step child doesn't demean anything. And I cannot freaking wait to throw this article back in this idiot's face come December, maybe after week #2! The Raiders and Rams alllllll the sudden have geeat D's? pfffffft. And this fool who doesn't know the game cause he ignores teams like, say, in the NFC and AFC South writes a horsecrap thing like this?

It's a little sad to witness such ignorance cause the dude is simply being arrogant, expecting teams in the West to dominate those buck toothed rednecks in the South. He'd be dissin' white fans, not black fans or players. In a sense the writer is a racist. Look the definition of the word up and see. We out here are superior to you monkeys in the South and a racist does not always use race as a tool but also looks at people in another area to be lesser, even when they're the same race.

All ya'll arrogant charlatans in the media??? hahaha we see your ways fools. And what's amazing is nfl.com, espn, NFLN continue to pay you idiots money for your crap.

There are 32 teams in the NFL,...or are there really? Ya know,...some of us don't count apparently.