Olivier Vernon Up, Ryan Tannehill Down in Miami Dolphins' Win

It's not highlights, but congrats to "Ben McAdoo" in the Rookie Coach face-off at MetLife. The 0-10 First Quarter is all you need to know. For starters, the Fins O/L sucked out loud, as Edit: Find on this Page: Job one will shortly reveal. Nice article, though Armando. From The Fin-siders,

With the Fins' debut also comes the debut of our 2016 Five Questions series, where we get a chance to talk to the Dolphins’ upcoming opponent’s SB Nation site, giving us a better look at their team. In this case, we turn to Big Blue View.

Ed Valentine, the Big Blue View editor-in-chief, answered my questions about the Giants in the blue type,

The starters likely will not play much during this game... we probably will not see much of former Dolphins D/E Olivier Vernon, who signed this offseason with the Giants. How has he looked so far in camp?

Vernon has been a monster throughout camp. He has given second-year left tackle Erick Flowers fits. He has Giants fans salivating about him on one side and a productive Jason Pierre-Paul on the other.

...It's going to be strange to see the Giants this year and not see Tom Coughlin on the sidelines. What changes is Ben McAdoo bringing to the team and how is he adjusting to being a new head coach?

When McAdoo was hired the thing I said was that we needed to find out if the job was too big for him. It's not. Not by a long shot....