I dunno but this guy is not right. Playing the QB position in the NFL isn't the same as being a cornerback(Josh Norman/Deion Sanders). But this guy is acting like,...heck man I really don't know. He's like Donovan McNabb in many ways,...essentially a loser. Why does he dress this way?

mmm, mmm, that looks a little funky for a real man. Then there's,...

my, my,...aren't we styling with the pirate pants? Oh well,...cam cam was flagged for running on the field, during a pick 6 return? And it erased a Panthers TD?Lol! In the 1st preseason game? hmmmm,...I thought the NFL would've warned the Carolina Panthers to cease with the trash talk, antics,...the *attempt* to make the NFL a friggin' circus.

Carrying baseball bats out to warn up before games,...the endless talk coming outta pirate pants' mouth. Running up the sideline of opposing teams, even when playing away? Yeah, we've seen Philip Rivers do it too but not at the extreme in which this clown performs it.

I'm no Panthers hater,...mucho respect to Ron Rivera(other than allowing this BS to continue), but this guy is just,...interesting too,...my disdain of this little boy in man's body has caused Panthers fans, defending him, refer to the lost years that Michael Vick cost the Falcons,...fine,...lemme turn that around boys. Fig boy will cause some lost seasons, if anything else how much he's being paid, but more likely a waste of time. The boy is a loser, a pampered litle boy with his lip poked out when he loses.