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Thread: Gametime in Cleveland in 2 hours

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    Gametime in Cleveland in 2 hours

    They say the 3rd preseason game is the most important regarding all sorts of bs. I say bs and have always said the 2nd PS game is the most important useless game,...although remember players are paid to play even in a game that don't matter. MLB players must endure working out starting in January,...Spring training, and NBA players either play in Europe during the off season or train on a concrete pad with a goal with no net in Detroit.

    Tonight General Lee marches on Cleveland, OH,...why the crap would he want to conquer Cleveland much less Pennsylvania,...ahem pardon me. That's just a little response to all the references to the Civil War the media seems adoring to remind Falcons fans who don't know history.

    There's something here the media are, slowly and carefully see,...and are aware of something. We've seen it in recent articles. When they see something they can't explain they wait in hold to see what happens and have zero BALLS to admit what they're seeing. Well, lemme see,...I got balls. And yes I wash my hands after every pee.ahem

    I'm gonna have to have those balls if RG and what's his name,...oh yeah McCown light up the Falcons D tonight. I just don't see it.

    Maybe I'm being the most largest, the most bodacious, idiotic homey in the whole wide WURL,...but ya'll best watch this Falcons D, damn the offense. And guess who will see action tonight?

    Add the 1st rd pick safety will also start and hey RG? Rather Browns O-coor?, careful.

    Well it's here,'ll be fun!

    Additional,...well, someone lied or something else but Freeny didn't play. Griffin looked great throwing the ball and he appears slimmer than I've ever seen him. The Browns might have something in him with McCown as a backup. Good luck to the Browns,...not being mean but it might be a long season.
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