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Thread: Misery loves company, I guess

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    Misery loves company, I guess

    There could be many explanations for peeps behaviour, I guess, if you're psychiatrist or schooled into human psychology. I ain't neither of them there thangs but I do know one damn thing,...people are either drunk, stoned or stupid, could be genetics I do not know. And sadly,...I mean damn man it's sad to read a few Falcons fans posts after last night's PS game win over the Browns in Cleveland.

    These so called Falcons fans have upward to 6,000 posts at some message boards,...and there were a handful of these guys or gals complaining about dis bout day kind of crap ya know what? Ya'll get the ahem outta my sight please.

    When you're a fan of a team, owned by a wealthy haha owner, and he does things like hiring GMs, coaches, etc. you are not a part of the decision making but you are a part of financing those decisions if you buy tickets or Michael Vick jerseys(yes, peeps are still wearing that,...). Lawd knows I'm tryin' to be nice.

    You whiney, little dribble nosed babies, you make me,...actually embarrassed I'm associated with you little babies as being a Falcon fan. When we go to games we ain't wearing no jersey. We do adhere to wearing the colors, you little, nice Pen. And seriously, does any Falcon fan realize why the entire franchise is the red head step child of the NFL tribe? It's you idiots they're making fun about, geesh. whew,...anyway to the game last night.

    It was a nice win, albeit a PS game. Quickly,...Dan Quinn played his base D most of the game with very few blitzes,...playing a vanilla D basically. The offense, hmmmm,...people will say there was improvement with the 1st team and I'm like,...yeah it'll be okay. Again the Falcons D-line *disrupted* the LOS(line of scrimmage), and allowed the LBs to make plays. The O-line did alright,...and yeah in the Bill Walsh(or is it Joe Walsh?), in that classic WCO the guards and tackles were pulling to block on run plays in, as I said before, the original version of the WCO.

    Next week it's the Dolphins in Miami. Here we go baby!

    It's come a place in time when there's folks who seem eager to dwell in negativity,...bring it on. I'm going to Hell,...wanna come with me?

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    I was going to attend that game but they have the zeeeeeeka down there
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