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Thread: wooo hoooooo!!!!

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    wooo hoooooo!!!!

    Well,...ya'll just go to and read why the Falcons won tonight in they 1st preseason game. I laughed my ass off. Okay,...I know women who are more,...ummm versed, more knowledgeable than many men regarding football. There's a lady, a Broncos fan who can tell ya stuff you never heard before. A gal up in Rhode Island can embarrass you if you don't know what you're saying bout football, amazing. And the Falcons official site has a veritable Goldie Hawn telling us why the Falcon won tonight. Be nice Pen,...okay.

    Let's get this straight, short and sweet. Sorry to be repetitive,...the Falcons front 7 disrupted, beat the hell out of the Redskins blockers and dominated the line of scrimmage. period. It was UGLY! This is what we've seen was and is the intent of the Dan Quinn D.

    And gosh darnit I wanna see more ugly football, please pardon me. The gal reporting went to all the glamour, all the shiny stuff, glitz. Ya know,...the KO return for a TD to start the 2nd half for instance and that's a great plus no doubt. But what happened in the first half was,...pardon me,...oh heck yeah. Dirty, down in the trench,...ya'll ain't gonna run against us and we're coming for your QB type mentality was clear to see. Good ole defense making the game ugly,...well, I'm sounding a like a homey here, fine.

    Swear,...I'd accept an 8-8 season just to watch my team play good(top 10), defense. hahaha then we can blame Kyle Shanahan and get his bootay fired.

    One last thing,...I dunno,...not being mean or anything but the Redskins appeared to be going through the motions,...I dunno maybe the Falcons just took it to them and the Skins knew what was coming, I do not know.

    TC breaks next week,...under a full Moon.

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    Funny, UGLY was the word the Herald's Dolphin Beat writer used to depict their offense, too.

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