I still don't get how a guy who passes for 4,500 yards had a terrible season, but that's just me ya'll. Commentary to follow,...

FLOWERY BRANCH The news that quarterback Matt Ryan is throwing lots of interceptions early in training camp sent Falcons fans in a Twitter tizzy. Its just practice but any talk about Ryan interceptions carries weight after he had probably his worst season since his first two in the NFL. Coach Dan Quinn said hes not worried about Ryans interceptions because of context.

This is the time to try everything whether is a different route or a different look, Quinn said Tuesday after Ryan threw a virtual pick-six during the team period. Its also an important part for the defense too, to know how they get after the ball."

May I please translate? This has nothing to do with Matt Ryan. "This is the time to try everything." Yeah,...like throwing exotic cover packages at the offense in TC. The DBs already know the pass patterns in this scheme, much less any other in the NFL but especially this offense. That's what Quinn was talking about,..."a different look. And that's the new defense we'll see this Fall, ya'll listen.

So he, Quinn, reveals his passion and that'd be defense when he said, Its also an important part for the defense too." And that's the deal here bout the Falcons. Even the beat writer from the AJC wrote,..."because of context." Well, well,...Olando Bedwetter(AJC.com) does get it or got lucky this time. I'm thinking he got lucky.

I can see why Falcons fans are excited,...heck man, I am too thinking we might see some great D-play. As for the INTs,...let's blame Matty Ice, no, let's blame Shanny JR. Relax Olando,...Shanny is a gonna run that damp football boy. And he'd better. Cause if he don't I'll come down on his self after he's DOC U Mented saying he'd respect the run game and even force it when it's not working. I like that btw,...there's been games when the Falcons appeared stubborn running the ball back in 2008 thru 2010 and guess what? The Falcons won mostly but it wasn't pretty, ahem, for the FF types.

Notice the media always sees the crisis instead of the plan? Always looking for a reason to complain when the real deal the defense is already,...ready. Easy D-Led,...the Falcons run game will ease your pain. Oh,...and don't forget a swarming, stripping defense with a coach, Quinn, who shows them up front what to do. I told ya'll last season Quinn was restricted from going all out on the D cause of a lack of talent. Quinn has no excuse this year. The talent is there big freaking time. Games with the Cards, Chiefs, Raiders will be interesting. Oh yeah,...and the Panthers too. The NFC South divisional games should be,...glorious.

haha,...here's Matty audible a play last year,...something Shanny haters claimed was not available for Ryan to do.