So here's how it goes,...ya have a great QB, a budding offense and defense to boot! We read all the praise for the young guys on defense and that's great. Falcons dominated the Redskins in they 1st preseason game and guess what? Matt Ryan sucks,...I am so sick of this stuff it's sickening. Why do people in the media, along with fans, feel they need to attack an established NFL player? I cannot believe there's fans wanting to trade Ryan,...saying he's washed up, I dunno bout peeps anymore. That's some deranged stuff.

Oh I see,...they are attacking Matt Ryan to further disparage Kyle Shanahan,...makes sense. Ya'll see?,...remember this,...Kyle Shanahan is like,...Ted Cruz regarding the media hahaha, brutal ain't it? Lying Ted/Lying Kyle?

This Falcons beat writer, espn pays him, is no Falcons fan. I will not mention his name ever again nor where he posts. He is a friggin sleeper cell,...a fraud,...charlatin puts it best.

Gawd help ya'll who read these people's slants,...and especially ya'll who thinks it's real.