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Thread: Just like Pete Carroll

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    Just like Pete Carroll

    I know it has to be cut to 53 or whatever, but looking at our roster we have right at 20 players with 5 + years. There is 2 kickers and 2 QB's at 5 + years, 10 of those are 5 & 6 year players!

    I know many will be cut, some placed on the practice squad but this will be a very young team, to me at my age I call them boys, kids, can he get these kids to grow will be the question to start the season.
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    No doubt the Falcons D are young boys overall. Babs, Brooks Reed and Freeny are the old men. The secondary is way young, add the two rookie LBs drafted. The offense is older, Ryan, Mack and the FB what's his name.

    I believe on the present 80 man roster for training camp there's 22 defensive players under the age of 25. Right,...some of them won't make the roster but there's a lots of young boys on the defense.

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