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Thread: 20 min post,...QB intrigue

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    20 min post,...QB intrigue

    20 minute post,...OFF TOPIC,...sort of

    Okay,...imagine Matty Ice getting suspended the first 4 games of the season for say,...killing the neighbor's dog for barking late at night. Without doubt everyone,...ever eee ONE would write the Falcons season off. And rightly so. The Falcons have an aged backup, still capable and a 3 year guy with zero experience. Most Falcons fans don't know how lucky they are to have Matt Ryan. But there's two NFL teams that will be a little nervous heading into this season.

    I find both the Broncos and the Patriots QB situations fascinating. Reason being both situations' outcomes be in the air. I've posted in the AFC West forum bout the Broncos 3 QBs sans Peyton and now this from the New England follerers up there in the NE,...

    Bill Belichick said,..."I think we have a good situation, we have three players we want to work with. Look, in some other years Ive seen teams that probably dont feel like they have anybody(at QB), or maybe they have one. I think were in a good situation. Well just see how it plays out."

    Need a translation? hahaha,...well if I'm a Patriots fan, well, I know Gogglolgo or whatever is a classic pocket passer and he has an NFL arm. Lack of experience creates the question mark. It's amazing, practice when the QB can't be touched he looks like Joe Montana then come game time they can look like Ryan Leaf when there's a big stinking, sweating monster trying to squish yo butt.

    What is it, Garropollo? After Garropalla the Pats have a 3rd round rookie pick from NC State.

    Well, start with the Patriots go to Arizona, the defending NFC West champion Cardinals on Sunday Night Football. Then the Pats play 3 home games where the Pats are 26-2 since 2013. Opponents will be the Dolphins who last won in Foxborough in 2008, the Texans with a new quarterback and has to travel for a Thursday night game on Sept. 22, likely won't have J.J. Watt and are 0-3 at Gillette Stadium and the Bills who are 3-28 against the Pats since 2000. Brady will return when the Patriots go to Cleveland,...hahaha sounds about right.

    The Cards, Phins, Texans and Bills. Actually a fortunate thing for the Pats,...possibly coming out of this suspension with a 2-2 record and prolly a 1-1 record within the AFC East and there's nothing to worry bout if I were a Patriots fan,...unless,...well look at those teams. Bills like to run the ball, Texans are not predictable and the Phins, again who knows?

    One thing about Garropolo,...if he struggles in preseason it will be by design. I know Belichick. If Garrapoola shines?,...hmmmm,'ll be more grace bestown upon the NFL's finest franchise. Why am I posting this here? hehehe,...I want allllllll the attention focused on the usuals,...Patsy cheaters, Panties, Squealers, Retskins, Cryboys, iggles, horsies, aints, GINTS, etc. All I care bout anymore is what happens during that 60 minute period in which it takes 3 hours to play the game. Hey! Matty!

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    You failed to mention the "OTHER" factor when it comes to the Pats at home, the refs seldom allow ANY team to beat the Pats at razor stadium!
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